The Grottes of Hercules: A Window to the Atlantic Ocean

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The Grottoes of Hercules combine perfectly beauty and mythology. These natural caves located next to the ocean are one of the main attractions of Tangier, both for its history and the environment that surrounds them.

Legend says that Hercules met the beautiful Tinga in this place. With the purpose of make her fall in love with him and show his strength, the Greek hero separated Africa from Europe by parting the Strait of Gibraltar.

It is also said that both continents remain linked through secret underwater passages that connect the Grottoes of Hercules with St. Michael’s caves, in Gibraltar.

However, not everything is fantasy: the proof of human beings living inside during the Neolithic era come across in 1930, when different clay statues from 7,000 a.C. were found.

If you are interested in visiting the Grottoes of Hercules, you will be delighted by its beautiful views to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, an inverted map of the African continent can be appreciated at the entrance of the cave. On the other hand, beautiful natural beaches with white sand can be find next to the cavern.

There are only 17km from Tangier to the Grottoes of Hercules, and 5 km from Cap Espartel. You can arrive to this point thanks to the Espartel Tour Route.

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